Young Indian Illustrators Bring Hollywood’s Most Iconic Hairstyles To Life

[Recently, Homegrown found synergy with TIGI’s ‘This Is Me’ campaign; conceptualized to shine the spotlight on young Indians’ growing dedication to individuality. With only a day left to go, we called upon some of the country’s most interesting young illustrators to reimagine iconic Hollywood hairstyles through mediums of their choice. The results, unsurprisingly, were pretty astounding.]

Decontextualized, the act of styling one’s hair might seem a bit placid. But when thrown neck-deep into an ocean of the lights, sounds, smells, politics and culture of a certain time, some of them conjure up incredible, animated images of whole decades. For every culture’s traditional choice of hairdo, there was a counter-culture offering up something iconoclastic enough to offset all the mid-tempo ruts the rest of society may have been stuck in and more often than not, it was Hollywood style icons who were responsible for setting the next trend’s tone and encouraging all the hair experimentation we’ve seen through the years.

As part of TIGI’s ‘This Is Me’ campaign, we sounded a war cry for young, fresh illustrators across the country to interpret Hollywood’s most seminal hairdos since the beginning of the century and they responded with ferocity.  Each one of our picks got to select the decade of their choice, and the polychromatic (in some cases, monochromatic) chaos that ensued was absolutely amazing to witness.

Scroll on to view all the fantastic illustrations, including snippets of explanation from the illustrator behind each as well.

I. The Decade: 1910s

The Illustrator: Ishaan Hariharan

Who: Also goes by the name ‘Van.’ He studied at Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology in Bangalore and Ecole Intuit lab in Mumbai. He also makes music.

Artist Speak: “Structured, curly locks were all the rage during the 1910′s. In this picture, I’ve played up this feminine charm of curly hair to create lively, youthful locks, while maintaining a hint of aged mystique.  This property is similar to the fashion of the 1910′s; rich in subtle orientalism , generously detailed, yet conservative.”


 II. The Decade: 1920s

The Illustrator: Shefale Desai

Who: A multidisciplinary designer with hands on experience in Graphic design, multimedia design, Digital media, social media, interior design, fashion illustration, design, production and post production. Creatively inclined since the age of 12, she started her creative career with fine arts and then slowly made my way through design. Apart from that she’s extremely talkative by nature, loves to watch movies, go out, travel, eat chocolates, work and finds tremendous inspiration in art, history and Alice in Wonderland!

Artist Speak: “Iconic hairstyles of the 1920’s would be incomplete without the ornate headgears. Keeping that in mind, I created my illustrations highlighting the details of the hair and the hair accessories. I’ve tried to adapt a more Egyptian style to the illustration by using side-faces as I felt that would enhance the hairstyles. The eyes have been inspired by the kind of make up done back in the day to get the exaggerated look right.” 

You can view more of Shefale’s work on her website.


III. The Decade: 1930s 

The Illustrator: Satwik Gade

Who: Satwik Gade is a graphic designer and illustrator for The Hindu. Day dreaming and books take up the rest of his time.

Artist Speak: “The illustration for the 1930′s look is derived from the Art Deco style of the 1930′s that saw focus shifting to geometric shapes and pastel colours.”

You can view more of his work here on Behance.


The Illustrator: Radhika Kini

Who: A 24-year-old working at The Glitch, as a creative head (design). Born and brought up in Mumbai.

Artist speak: “Since I was working on the 1930s, I chose short waves as my hairstyle to play with. Waves and curves being the objective of the look, I decided to implement those accordingly. Since it was the 1930′s, I’ve used a pastel colour scheme.”


IV. The Decade: 1940s

The Illustrator: Mohini Mukherjee

Who: Mohini is a 21-year-old illustrator and writer based in Bombay. By day, she works as a graphic designer at Kulture Shop, and by night she freelances on a bunch of different projects that she’s passionate about including zines, gig posters, and comics.

Mohini is still trying to find the time to build herself a website but until then, you can stay updated with her work by following her on twitter or instagram.

Artist Speak: “Decided to go with the victory rolls as I love the idea that the trend began with women being inspired by the emissions billowing from fighter jets. Patriotism has always struck me as a bizarre, mostly empty concept that seems to enforce rabid love for a piece of land quite arbitrarily, and the idea that people thought doing their hair would support the war effort (or that a war effort is something that needs to be supported in the first place) was quite funny to me.”



 V.  The Decade: 1950s

The Illustrator: Ishan Rathod

Who: Ishan is a Graphic Designer from Bombay (recently shifted to Bangalore), and works largely within the booming Indian alternative culture and indie music scene.

Artist Speak: “I always wanted to colour all the 1950 beauties, it was indeed a very glamorous and pop colour decade but most of the pictures are black-and-white. I wanted to portray their actual vibrant life through those pop colours…which suits the decade best!”

You can acquaint yourself with more of his work via his behance portfolio.


 VI. The Decade 1960s

The Illustrator: Devarshi Gohil

 Who: Devarshi Gohil is an architect by profession and a hippie at heart. She dabbles with different forms of illustrations to express her individuality. Devartme, her facebook page, is a catalogue of her musings and experiments with pen, ink and watercolours.

Artist Speak: “The 1960′s show a ‘big’ change in the way women styles their hair. The first half of the Sixties resembled the Fifties. Conservative, ladylike, proper. The bouffants and structured bobs. The second half of the Sixties begins quietly. But the dynamic social changes sweeping the world would soon manifest themselves in fashion and hair. A new freedom with longer lengths of waves and super short pixies.”

You can stay connected to Devarshi’s latest works by checking out her Facebook  or Behance profiles.


VII. The Decade: 1970s

 The Illustrator: Yashasvi Mathis

Who: Yashasvi is an illustrator and print designer with a Bachelor’s Degree in Knitwear Design from NIFT, Mumbai. She both hand-creates as well as uses digital media to create art. She is currently exploring set design and working on her fashion illustration skills. One of her biggest projects so far has been creating album art for Nischay Parekh’s debut album ‘Ocean’.

Artist Speak: “Hair styles that were big those days – centre parting, long sleek hair, Shags, voluminous  waves and curls with the use of abundant hairspray. Fringes with long, straight/ wavy hair (like Nico), Androgynous haircuts with flicks too. I used gouache and water colours to make these illustrations.” 

You can check out more of Yashasvi’s work on her portfolio.



VIII. The Decade: 1980s

 The Illustrator: Swayampravo Dasgupta

Who: Swayam has been pursuing design and fine arts for about 9 years now, across various mediums and situations. He tries to build things that simplify stuff and coat them pleasantly with what he likes to call “visual therapy”.

Artist Speak: “For this project I used a “utilitarian” vector method to give shape, form and colours to the work, which I believe makes for a slide between an 80′s-pixelated-disco-ish motif and the simple look I have tried to achieve. I have infused fine art, a flat palette, conservatively styled graphics and basic design principles for the same purpose. My illustration style would have better suited the 60s hairstyles, but I wanted to take on this challenge. I had to find the right method of portraying my shapes to give off enough meaning while not compromising on the simplicity of the overall look.” 

You can stay up-to-date with his work by checking out his portfolio here.


The Illustrator: Devarshi Gohil

 Who: Devarshi Gohil is an architect by profession and a hippie at heart. She dabbles with different forms of illustrations to express her individuality. Devartme, her facebook page, is a catalogue of her musings and experiments with pen, ink and watercolours.

Artist Speak: “ The 1980′s hair had one moto – “the bigger the better.” From exaggerated mullets to permed and teased waves which were accentuated by the use of scrunchies and hairbands. Hairspray was everyone’s best friend and a side pony tail was your ticket to being one of the cool kids in school. A time when eccentricity was highly appreciated. “

You can stay connected to Devarshi’s latest works by checking out her Facebook  or Behance profiles.


 IX. The Decade: 1990s

The Illustrator: Rohan Jha

Who: Rohan Jha is a Graphic Designer/illustrator from Calcutta. He majored in Graphic Design from the acclaimed Symbiosis Institute of Design from Pune.

Artist Speak: “The 90′s were ruled by the grunge movement and Kurt Cobain was the poster boy of the genre while on the other side of the coast, the indie band Oasis was taking over. The busts are a symbol of persevering their hair intact through the ages to come.”

You can get better acquainted with Rohan’s work through his behance profile.


 X. The Decade: 2000s

The Illustrator: Sumedha Sah

Who:  Sumedha is a trained architect , a self-taught artist and a keen observer of the small joys of everyday lives. Her work is characteristically dreamy, whimsical and minimalistic. She loves to travel and carries a small sketchbook, a box of watercolours and her yellow Lamy wherever she goes.

Artist Speak:  “Women are the subjects of my illustration and their various personalities and characteristics are flaunted by their diverse hairstyles. The women of the 21st century come forward as confident and individualistic in their disposition, ready to carve a new way for females all around the world.”

Get to know her repertoire better through her blog of work, here or her website.



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