The Long List Of LONG WEEKENDS In 2017 – Happy New Year!

2016 might have been one of the worst years ever, and no we’re not just talking about Trump becoming President or standing in never-ending ATM queues. Every single holiday somehow managed to land on a Sunday – basically making long weekends a thing of our dreams. But do not despair – 2017 is here and it holds far greater promise – in the latter’s regard at least. Most holidays find themselves strategically placed on Fridays or Mondays. So we took it upon ourselves to list our every single long weekend in 2017, and then some, that you can start making excuses for.

So send in those emails to your boss before anyone else does and get planning!



Thursday, 26th Jan: Republic Day
Friday, 27th Jan: (Take Leave)
Saturday, 28th Jan
Sunday, 29th Jan


Friday, 24th Feb: Mahashivratri
Saturday, 25th Feb
Sunday, 26th Feb


Saturday, 11th March
Sunday, 12th March
Monday, 13th March: Holi

Saturday 25th March
Sunday, 26th March
Monday, 27th March: (Take Leave)
Tuesday, 28th March: Gudi Padva 


Saturday, 1st Apr
Sunday, 2nd Apr
Monday, 3rd April  (Take leave)
 Tuesday, 4th April:  Ram Navami

Thursday, 13th Apr: Vaisakhi
Friday, 14th Apr: Dr Ambedkar Jayanti, Good Friday
Saturday, 15th Apr
Sunday, 16th Apr: Easter


Saturday, 24th Jun
Sunday, 25th Jun
Monday, 26th Jun: Ramzan Eid


Saturday, 12th Aug
Sunday, 13th Aug
Monday, 14th Aug: Janmashtami or take leave
Tuesday, 15th Aug: Independence Day
Wednesday, 16th Aug (Take leave)
Thursday, 17th Aug: Parsi New Year
Friday, 18th Aug (Take leave)
Saturday, 19th Aug
Sunday, 20th Aug

Friday, 25th Aug: Ganesh Chaturthi
Saturday, 26th Aug
Sunday, 27th Aug


Saturday, 30th Sept
Sunday, 1st Oct
Monday, 2nd Oct: Gandhi Jayanti

Saturday 14th Oct
Sunday, 15th Oct
Monday, 16th Oct: Dhanteras 
Tuesday, 17th Oct: Naraka Chaturdashi 
Wednesday, 18th Oct: Diwali


Friday, 1st Dec: Eid-e-Milad
Saturday, 2nd Dec
Sunday, 3rd Dec

Saturday, 23rd Dec
Sunday, 24th Dec
Monday, 25th Dec: Christmas


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Feature Image Courtesy Jamtara Wilderness Camp


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