Thanks To Solar-Powered Wells, Bandipur’s Suffering Animals Are Finally Quenching Their Thirst

Co-existence among humans itself proves to be quite the problem when the matter of shared resources is raised. But we rarely consider that our limited resources are being shared by thousands of other animals and organisms as well. As we continuously encroach upon forest spaces, the least we can do is to ensure that animals who are living within boundaries demarcated by humans are provided for but as is the case all over the world, the exact opposite has been happening.  With several zoos and national parks being reported for a lack of control on pollution, or care for the animals, Karanataka’s Bandipur National Park may just have taken itself off that list with their eco-friendly initiative that will aid the animals within the park.

In an effort to combat the after-effects of forest fires, which resulted in the animals having to deal with an unreliable source of water, and fluctuating temperatures, the Forest Department installed pumps powered by solar energy to help solve one of their biggest problems.

The pumps are installed next to water bodies, in some of the region’s driest areas. The solar pumps will aid in supplying water straight into watering holes, reported The Better India. WWF-India also helped install two pumps, to make dealing with the drought easier. The project is already boasting of success, as The Hindu reports that these waterholes are constantly visited by the animals in the area. B.G. Hosmath, Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (PCCF) also told the newspaper that camera trap images showed herds of animals, right from deer and sambars, to tigers and elephants, crowding around these watering holes, proving their venture was indeed, effective.

The Forest Department also identified and installed similar pumps in other regions that would benefit from these pumps, at Nagarhole National Park.

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Words: Cara Shrivastava



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