Mumbai Youth Write Love Letters To The Elderly In A Thane Old Age Home For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day may be considered the most romantic day of the year for some, but for others it becomes the loneliest. While young couples spend their day enjoying parks, candlelit dinners and generally getting on peoples’ nerves the elderly find themselves alone and often times ignored by their families who have made their own love lives a priority.

This year in a pleasant alternative to the usual wave of commercialism, NGO Silver Innings set up a Valentine’s Day project to bring some genuine joy into the world. They urged the youth of Mumbai and surrounding areas to send in ‘love letters’ and greetings to the elderly residents of A1 Snehanjali, the NGO’s organised living facility in Thane.

There was an overwhelming response and the home received over 60 cards from people of all ages. For people who had lost their parents or grandparents this was a touching way for them to reconnect, as Avinash Dalvi, 24, told Hindustan Times, “ I came to know about Snehanjali old age home through one of my friends. My grandparents are no more and I miss them a lot. So I thought of lightning up someone else’s day and sent a letter.”

Valentine’s Day means a lot of different things to different people, some choose to spend it with their pets or doing charity work and this initiative is just another way for people to reclaim the holiday in a more meaningful way. While we are huge advocates of romance and a sappy love story will get us every time, it’s nice to see India redesigning this day to make a difference.

Featured image source Colours Life





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