Mumbai Just Got 500 Free WiFi Spots; 700 More To Be Set Up By May!

In this post-modern web we’ve weaved, the only thing that might still trump free WiFi is free pizza. Unfortunately, the latter isn’t in our near future just yet, but free WiFi certainly is! In fact, near is relative, because many might already have experienced access to it right here in Mumbai, where 500 free public wifi spots have been installed across our city; with 700 more to set up by May.

This news was brought to light by Maharashtra’s Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on Twitter, on 9 January, 2017. 500 active WiFi spots for the public, automatically makes Mumbai, India’s largest AND one of the world’s largest public WiFi services!

Although the network services are bound to run into problems at some point, you can contact them on their website or even on Twitter (@AS_Mum_WiFi) which seems to be pretty active as of right now.

The hotspots as of now have been set up in several popular spots, including tourism sites, bus depots, railway stations, high schools, colleges, and main roads. For exact locations, you can always have a look at the official PDF that lists every possible location. This massive project has been implemented by Larsen and Toubro (L&T) who have previously worked on major projects for the Government.

As for usage — once you find WiFi, simply log in using your mobile number and you will automatically receive an OTP (One Time Password.) This is only one of the many security measures the Government is taking, besides a firewall system. When a user signs in with their mobile number, user activity can be traced — so all you porn buffs better do it on your own time, and WiFi. Besides, the Government has also made it a point to ensure people can’t access porn sites given the recent Patna railway porn debacle.

The goal behind this initiative was to provide better and smarter transportation services, as well as real-time traffic and route updates.

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Words: Cara Shrivastava 


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