Matunga Police Threw A Surprise Party For This 83-Year-Old Woman Who Was Alone On Her Birthday

We thought the horror would end with 2016 but even though we’re only five days in, 2017 in India isn’t looking any brighter. Between the wretched populous and the ambivalent governance it’s all we can do not to throw down our positive attitude and condemn the human species to its inevitable doom. However, amid all the chaos, there have been a few moments which have restored our faith in humanity, the most recent of which was an act of kindness by the Mumbai Police force.

On the 2nd of January, Wadala resident Lalita Subramanian prepared to celebrate her 83rd birthday alone but in a heartwarming turn of events found herself surrounded by the men and women of the Matunga Police Station who decided to give her company on her special day. She has three sons, two in the US and one in Bengaluru but unfortunately they were unable to make it back and Senior Police Inspector B. M Kakad, who is very fond of her, made sure the day didn’t go unnoticed. As he says “She is like my mother…she was very happy with the birthday celebration,”

Image Source: Huffington Post

Image Source: Huffington Post

Lalita has lived alone in Mumbai for the last 20 years and the Police in the area have always kept an eye on her to make sure she was comfortable. She suffers from a medical condition that causes her to lose her voice so if she’s ever in such a situation and needs assistance she calls the Matunga station and rings her puja bell. Everyone there is well aware of this phenomenon and they always send someone over to check on her.

The Mumbai Police are very caring of the older residents in their area and even have a special watchlist for ‘senior citizens requiring care and protection’. Every precaution is taken to ensure their quality of life, especially for ladies like Lalitha who live on their own. There is even a designated helpline (1090) which they can call for absolutely any reason–be it protection, an errand or even if they just feel lonely and want to talk. All we can say is thank you to the Matunga Police for being such stellar human beings and making us remember that this world can still be a wonderful place to live.

Featured image courtesy Huffington Post

Words: Shireen Jamooji


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