India Bans Import Of Exotic Furs & Crocodile Skin – Animal Rights Activists Are Thrilled!

The Indian government may be under fire for things aplenty, but they’re also on fire when it comes to putting down the law for the protection of animals and, especially, wildlife. Barely a week into 2017, the Indian government is on something of a roll what with an initiative to equip cows and buffaloes with unique identification numbers, followed by their latest ban on imports, maybe 2017 will make up for the year 2016 wasn’t.

Before you jump to a conclusion, this ban is for the greater good. After being constantly petitioned by animal rights activists, the Indian government has finally decided to put their foot down on the import of exotic animal skins fur real (sorry, but that pun was right there).

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Representational image

On a more serious note however, the trade policy of India has been amended to exclude all imports of crocodile skin, alligator skin, snakeskin, chinchilla, fox and mink fur. This applies to all clothing and accessories that incorporates the use of the aforementioned animals. Fashion stores popular for their crocodile skin accessories, and animal furs, will have to hold back on their product shipments to India from now on.

PETA has been petitioning for this ban since 2014, and released the official notice after the announcement was made in its favour.

Although 2016 may have brought with it changes on the Animal Protection front, the Government has yet to take an overall approach to the condition of our wildlife and zoos. Several policies that have been released, even in regards to tackling the stray dog issues in states like Kerala, seem to directly contradict the tone and tenor of bans like these. A firm stand needs to be taken at some point, but for now, we can put our angry letters away, and focus on the positive nature of this move.

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Words: Cara Shrivastava


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