An All-Indian Crew Is Preparing For Life On Mars…In Utah

India still has their eyes on Mars, however, it seems a couple more baby steps are in order before India’s first actual step on the red planet. In preparation for the austere astronautical life, an all-Indian crew will be traveling to Utah, according to The Times of India, where they will be in a simulation of sorts.

Between January 28 and February 12, 2017 the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS), in Utah, will host India’s crew. The purpose of the research station is to help crew members gain the knowledge needed for an exploration of Mars.

MDRS crews are normally made up of six people, who volunteer for two to three weeks during Utah’s winter months. The MDRS explains that their goal is to help crews, “develop field tactics based on environmental constraints, to test habitat design features and tools, and to assess crew selection protocols.”

Utah Research Station Image source: Mars Society's MDRS

Utah Research Station
Image source: Mars Society’s MDRS

The supposed advantage of completing Earth-based research at the MDRS is that the facility boasts a location that has Mars-like terrain. Even though India is a ways off from exploring Mars, the advent of the Mars Orbiter Mission and this pseudo-Mars mission suggest that the nation has its hopes fixed on planting the national flag on the red landscape of the Solar Systems’ second smallest planet.

Image Courtesy of Earth Space Circle

Words By: Julian Manning


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