12-Year-Old Girl Wants Northeast India’s History To Be Included In Our Textbooks

While the Indian government continues to force nationalistic pride upon its citizens in the hopes of making us all  ’respect’ and ‘admire’ this glorious country, there is one part of the country that continues to be neglected and forgotten, even today–the northeast of India. The government’s relationship, behaviour and attitude regarding the Seven Sisters has always been contentious, which is probably why the lack of information regarding the regions history and cultural significance has been lost in our textbooks too. Maybe all the government needed was a shaking, which has now come in the form of a letter addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, from a 12-year-old northeastern girl.

Aaira Goswami, the girl of the hour, resides in Jaipur, but Assam is her native land. In a way only a child can, her innocence rings through her short video to the Prime Minister, as she makes a simple request–to have the northeastern history addressed with its overdue respect. To start things off, she explains how history is her favourite subject, but till date, she doesn’t know much about Assam, her home state. The Mauryans, Mughals, and the Guptas have been covered in detail, and there are examinations based on their study, but no one talks about the brave warriors from northeast India. Her plea to Mr, Modi is to ensure that northeastern history is also included in textbooks all over India, for there are more than a few significant kingdoms that have presided over the region over the years.

It goes to show that although our government is so hell-bent on instilling nationalism in school children, their focus is all wrong. If a 12-year-old could point out what we’ve been lacking in our education system, surely, the government should be able to do the same. In fact, she goes on to talk about some of the great warriors, such as Lachit Borphukan from the Ahom kingdom, who helped thwart the Mughals in battle, several times. She even asks about the glory of the ‘Seven Sisters,’ who only a few students know about. For her, reading about her home, and the glorious northeast, would be “a dream come true.”

She signs off, as a little Indian citizen, asking for the Prime Minister to humbly address her plea. We’re doing our part, and helping her spread the word–will you?

Watch her heartfelt request below:

Words: Cara Shrivastava


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