TOI’s Cartoonist Had The Perfect Comeback For NY Times’ Racist ISRO Cartoon From 3 Years Ago

The recent ISRO Satellite Launch on 15 February, created waves across several media platforms as it broke the previous world record for most satellites (a whopping 104 satellites) launched from a single rocket. Russia held the record in 2014, when they launched 37 satellites. The world stood by stunned by the feat the Indian scientists managed to pull off successfully, and as a result, the memes began to trickle in. Joining in on the fun was The Times of India.

Sandeep Adhwaryu, their Chief Cartoonist, illustrated a response to the New York Times, who in 2014, had mocked India after the first Indian satellite to Mars was launched, much after America had paved its own path across space. In the NY Times cartoon panel, an Indian man and a cow are shown knocking on the door of an Elite Space Club, wherein two gentlemen are seated comfortably. After this, the publication was forced to release a public apology, due to their racist take on India’s achievement. In Sandeep’s illustration, the roles have been reversed, as the Indian man and his cow are now seated comfortably within the Elite Space Club, while the two gentlemen stand in a queue outside the door.

The retort was sharp, and reflective of Sandeep Adhwaryu’s characteristic unfiltered style. Known for his political cartoons, his take on the Indian Army’s surgical strike and multiple panels on demonetisation have also previously stirred up conversation.


Image Credits: Times of India

Feature Image Credit: Times of India

Words: Cara Shrivastava


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