Finally, A Competition Where You Can Run, Bike And Raft With Your Dog

Our dog loving friends at CollarFolk have found a way to get you and your four-legged friend looking fit this year, say hello to the Aquaterra Challenge — Asia’s First Multi Sport Challenge with Pets. This Holi weekend you can compete in a two stage race (hiking for 13 kms and cycling for 6 kms) along the serene landscape of Rishikesh’s Upper Ganga Valley, topped off with a rafting trip back to camp, so you and your furry friend can cool down.

Also, the canine crew at CollarFolk has organised race marshals, a vet and a canine behaviourist to accompany this long weekend expedition, so your dogs can be leash free and you can be stress free.

Aquaterra Challenge

Aquaterra Challenge

The Aquaterra Challenge is part of a CollarFolk initiative to show people happy pets are active pets. Not to mention they live longer. Most mid-sized breeds, and upwards, used to travel miles in a day before becoming domesticated. Dogs need the outdoors, and if they can share it with your companionship their tails will be wagging like a windshield wiper during monsoon season.

As CollarFolk founder Rukmini Vaish puts it, “just look at the longevity of farm dogs compared to house dogs, it’s incredible how much the outdoors affects their lifespan.”

Aquaterra Challenge

Aquaterra Challenge

That’s why Rukmini has invested her time in this event, as a way of carving out an avenue for pet friendly holidays in India. Once you get a dog it should become a part of your family, not merely a source of cuteness. So when you show affection for your dog it doesn’t always have to mean giving them a treat. Sometimes a good run is a lot better for your snout-nosed bud as well as for yourself. “If you think about it dogs are the best physical trainers”, says Rukmini, and she’s right.

You can easily avoid your gym membership with relatively no guilt, but if your dog is scratching the front door itching for a run, how can you say no to the lovable bugger?

Moreover, encouraging your dog to interact with other dogs, environments and people stimulates them and improves their temperament. So if you want your Rufus to be better behaved you have to take the effort to stimulate him with new things. This not only includes events like the Aquaterra Challenge, but also going to pet-friendly cafes or parks and spending some quality time with your quadrupedal better half.



So think about it. A long weekend, Rishikesh, running around with your dog and then a nice campfire wind-down to top it off.

 Feature Image Courtesy Of In Denver Times

Words By: Julian Manning


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