Heads Up – There’s A New Beachfront Restaurant In The City

Out with the old, and in with the new is what we always say. The gentlemen who gave Mumbai its Silver Beach Cafe and Radio Bar, are back with their newest venture–Estella. Here’s presenting Mumbai’s first modern Australian restaurant, designed by Sameep Padora, the man behind Indigo Deli, Lower Parel and Craft at BKC. We spoke to Hitesh Keswani, one of Estella’s founders, about their newest baby and we’ve got everything you need to know right here.

Estella 650

“When I saw the location, I was in love” says Hitesh, “that was my one and only influence”. It turns out that’s all Hitesh really needed as the restaurant provides a sunset ambiance paralleled by no other in Mumbai. Speaking on the impressive design of his restaurant Hitesh expands on how he wanted his decor to interact with his Juhu beach location, “the sea and stars should be with every diner at Estella and we have managed to achieve that magic in the inside as well as the outside sections.” And the man isn’t lying. Estella’s bar stretches from the inside out, accomplishing their goal of expressing a seamless blend of spaces.

Estella 3

As far as the food goes, we had a few questions about what ‘Modern Australian’ means. Now, we’ve all watched MasterChef, but there’s nothing like a good explanation to feed our curiosity. Hitesh describes the cuisine as one that “reflects the tastes and food culture of down under with influences from the world.” Estella’s take on modern Australian will have Asian influences, “thus keeping in sync with Mumbai’s inclusive culture.” Moreover, he was keen on elaborating that in his opinion. “Australia is leading the food routes in the world. We had recently consulted for a restaurant in Sydney and were amazed with the passion and precision that they are willing to let their food evolve to,” he explains. He adds that despite modern Australian’s rise as a world class cuisine there is a lack of focus on it. Sounds like Hitesh got in at the right time.

Just to give the reader a sense of what sort of dishes will fall under Estella’s interpretation of modern Australian, the restaurant offers dishes such as Grilled Tasmanian Scallops, Deconstructed Grass Fed Lamb Wellington, and Plum Frangipani Tart — all of which come highly recommended. Also, a night out under the stars wouldn’t be complete without sipping on a cocktail at Estella’s swooping bar. Two of the crowd-pleasers are the Yuzu Sour and Twisted Gin and Tonic. All we’re saying is that the next time date night comes around, you know exactly where to go. You’re welcome.

All images courtesy of Hitesh Keswani

Words: Julian Manning


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