Mumbai, You Can Now Order A Popsicle Right To Your Doorstep!

Do you ever have that moment when you really crave something sweet, perhaps a popsicle, but you’re just too darn lazy to put on some pants, find some loose change and get out of the house? Well those your days are over because of Paleteria – a popsicle home delivery service based out of Mumbai.

The two lovely women behind Paleteria are sisters, Mallika and Nellanie Sawla, who understood the woes of the popsicle-loving public when they decided to create their unique brand which home delivers hand-made popsicles that are devoid of any artificial flavourings and preservatives. Launched in March 2016, Paleteria’s  aim is to serve people only the most colorful, fruity and icy treats that dreams are made of. The Sawla sisters say that it took many long nights of deliberation and tastings before they finalised their menu and started accepted orders.

Mallika recounts how fascinated she was by the delectable and scrumptious popsicles that she found during a six month trip to Singapore. Once she realised how extenive the range of flavours was she pent her remaining time experimenting with different combinations to find the one that was truly magical. With the sisters’ combined passion for desserts and travel, Paleteria was born.

Priced at Rs. 100 per pop, Paleteria takes orders 24 hours in advance with a minimum order of six. They have free delivery if you order 10 or more popsicles at one time but anything less will cost you an additional Rs. 150 in delivery charges. They also do cool customizations for different events as well as a  “Flavour of the Month” for all you adventurous people out there.

Coconut, Tiramisu & Blueberry Cheesecake.jpg

Coconut, Tiramisu. Blueberry & Cheesecake popsicles by Paleteria
Image courtesy of Mallika Sawla

And these popsicles have hit home with  calorie conscious Mumbaikars who are delighted at this ice-cold relief in the sweltering temperatures of the coast.

The all-natural popsicles come in 17 different flavours divided into 2 categories- Fruit based and cream based.With orders flying off the shelf, the girls say that their  most Popular flavour is the ‘Strawberry Kiwi’ popsicle in the fruit-based section while  Nutella rules the roast in the Cream-based versions. While ‘Raspberry and Blueberry Cheesecake’ Fruitilicious and Watermelon Cooler are also quickly catching up as crowd-favourites.


Green, Apple, Mint Tea popsicle by Paleteria
Image courtesy of Mallika Sawla


Kiwi & Strawberry popsicle by Paleteria
Image courtesy of Mallika Sawla

You can order some tasty pops at [email protected], and check out their Facebook Page and Instagram.

Representational Feature image courtesy of Super Healthy Kids

Words: Sherina Poyyail


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