Delhi’s Iconic Shake Square Makes Its Way To Mumbai

Shake Square, Delhi’s treasured milkshake hub, has put a smile on many Mumbaikars’ faces with their new home on Khar’s Linking Road. While the new joint is not the largest spot on the block, its menu sure is big. This outlet was obviously created in heaven for dairy junkies, with multiple milkshake tiers designed to cater to every conceivable milkshake lover.

Shake Square Inside

Image Credit: The Bombay Report

Here’s the breakdown of some tasty shakes and their prices. Classic shakes, like, Vanilla and Strawberry Fields range from INR 90-100.  Fruity Shakes, like, Kiwi and Blackcurrant range from INR 120-130. Exotic Shakes for the modern milkshake enthusiast, such as, Mint Oreo Crumble and Brownie Fudge range from INR 120-150. And, of course, Ice Cream Shakes, like, Belgian Mocha range from INR 120-160. Suffice to say you got options. Although we hear straight from the horse’s mouth Strawberry and Butterscotch are the two to get.

Shake Square also offers snacks, some being, pasta and garlic bread. However, it is clear people come to Shake Square with milkshakes being the first thing on their mind. And if you’re a big fan of the place you can take home one of their signature milk bottles for an extra thirty rupees on the price of your milkshake. We’re just thankful that the Milkshake God’s allowed for Shake Square to expand their milkshake magic to Mumbai.

Feature Image Courtesy of The Bombay Report

Words By: Julian Manning


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