CORD’s Handcrafted Leather Bags Need A Spot In Your Closet

[The Design Collective is a community of contemporary designers dedicated to building a platform where creators like themselves can showcase their work. Started by a core group of 5 design brands, including KICHUDhoraCORDAnuj Bhutani and Anomaly, this is a non-profit organisation that encourages the idea of being contemporaries, not competition. Their first Mumbai edition is on the 3rd and 4th of December at The Vintage Garden. Homegrown is collaborating with them to bring you content throughout this month that showcases their products, studios, processes, all while shining a light on an exciting new wave of designers across the country]

A day at the CORD studio usually starts off with a gulp of coffee and an 8tracks playlist to get into the groove. Calm, neat and tidy simply do not exist within this space. Swatches and sketches battle each other, and an itch to create new things prevails over everything. Started by Pranav Guglani and Neha Singh who met each other at Pearl Academy of Fashion, CORD is a brand whose design aesthetic merges classic and modern elements together with a non-standard elegance. Inspired from clean architecture, geometricity, and global design techniques, CORD’s leather bags are nothing short of art.

What makes CORD different from any other bag, you ask? “The traditional technique of hand-stitching the leather is applied to almost all our bags which makes every piece look unique and carries a character of its own. Each piece we make is detailed to be used day in and out with a focus on comfort, material and interaction to body” Pranav tells us. We were also curious about what it takes to create a CORD bag – essentially, how the process kicks off. CORD told us, “The first step for us is finding out the product category that our collection requires followed by working on the techniques and details we want to incorporate in it. With creating multiple mocks and testing the right material /leather to support the design, its very interesting to see a new product shaping up. One thing we can’t do without is visualising!” Scroll on to sneak a glimpse into CORD’s beautiful studio space, and all the various stages of their craft.

























CORD’s beautiful bags will be available on the 3rd and 4th of December at The Design Collective’s Mumbai Edition. Click on the banner below to RSVP. 





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