Celebrate Your Love For Strawberries At This Fest In Bandra

As the sweltering Indian summer begins to descend upon us, there are only a few things that one can look forward to. One being that mangoes will be back in season and…that’s about it. But here’s another contender that might just compete with our love for all things mango this summer, with a full blown festival celebrating it — Strawberries. Yes, they’re a winter fruit, but plucking season goes on, right from December to May, and Wexpress Media Group takes full advantage of that.

The Mumbai Strawberry Fest is to be held this March, in Bandra. To be more exact, it’ll be an all day festival from 11am to 10pm, on 4 March at Corona Garden, Next to Bungalow 9, St. John Baptist Road, Bandra West. Strawberries undoubtedly have their own share of fanatics, most of whom will flock to this festival unabashedly. As Niraj from Wexpress Media Group says, “We just want to express our love for the fruit. What better way, than to do it through a fest?”

Representational Image. Image Credit: http://www.foodtolove.com.au

Representational Image.
Image Credit: http://www.foodtolove.com.au

The Strawberry Festival promises visitors a fun day out, with a range of activities and goodies on display. Strawberry milkshakes, strawberry ice cream, fresh farm strawberries, scones with jam, a strawberry eating competition and a live band are just some of the attractions available at the venue. All the raw strawberries will be sourced directly from farmers in Mahabaleshwar, while the strawberry products will be sourced from home chefs, women entrepreneurs, and food startups within the state.

The strawberry eating competition, which seems to be attracting quite a few contestants will have a maximum of 15 – 20 participants. Rules for the competition will be announced at the event itself, and a fee of Rs. 200 will be charged per participant.

If you’re interested, you can sign up for the event here. Plus, free entry for everyone!

Stalls at the event are still up for grabs. If you’re interested in hosting a strawberry themed stall at the event, call 9833984214 or email [email protected].

Feature Image Credit: www.makemytrip.com

Words: Cara Shrivastava



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