India’s First BBQ Food Bike Just Hit The Roads (On An Enfield!)

Sometimes life gives you the best of both worlds, and Bengaluru got just that with Bullets and Barbecue. The founders and brothers, Arun and Krishna, have already been riding the wave of Bengaluru’s booming food truck scene for a bit, running food operations out of three Tempo Travellers and an ice cream joint out of a Nano.

Still, Arun and Krishna were facing issues that have been chipping away at the business of most entrepreneurs running food trucks in the southern city. Limited street parking, licensing issues and miscellaneous bureaucratic BS have been the persistent caveats mobile food venues have been facing, in what should be an ideal market. But like many entrepreneurs before them, they just needed their epiphany and the lads got just that while watching Sholay.

Arun’s train of thought followed the logic that if the Bullet in the movie could carry a person in the sidecar, wouldn’t it be capable of transporting a grill and tava. Perhaps this doesn’t seem like the most awe-inspiring eureka moment, but it is already changing the landscape of the Bengaluru food truck scene and beyond, with India’s first BBQ bike food chain, BBQ RIDE.

BBQ Ride Image source: Good Better Life

BBQ Ride
Image source: Good Better Life

It only takes ten minutes to get the grill set up and ready to smoke some meat. They offer BBQ chicken legs and chicken strips, as well as, a selection of wraps and burgers. Given that all their ingredients are transported in the sidecar you’d think they wouldn’t be able to crank out a lot of meals, however, their capacity is around 200 meals per Bullet.

BBQ Ride Image source: City Shor

BBQ Ride
Image source: City Shor

The brothers’ brainchild has done wonders in respect to their issue of limited parking, and the novelty factor of having a grill attached to an Enfield is obviously working out for them. Royal Enfield themselves are quite the fans of this endeavour, as they should be, you couldn’t ask for better free advertising.

With investors fluttering around the brothers like pigeons they have decided to increase their fleet of BBQ bikes, placing an order of 150, 350cc Bullets. And Enfield, who typically takes three to six months to fulfill an order, was quite happy to say they would have the order ready by the next day. Big surprise.

Ready or not this big ol’ fleet is getting ready to swarm India, with four bikes reportedly heading to Goa to serve up some beach BBQ. So, if you’ve got a hankering for some tasty smoked chicken check out these wunderkinds feeding the bellies of Bengaluru at their Coffee Board Layout, or ‘Food Street’, location and their  Kammanahalli location.

Feature Image Courtesy Of Your Story

Words By: Julian Manning


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