All Aboard The Science Express – India’s Only Climate Change Train Is Here!

As the mild Indian Winter creeps into the not-so-mild Indian Summer, once again the topic of global warming becomes entirely too relevant. With international summits, a constant stream of media coverage and environmental studies being taught in most schools you would have thought the decline of the planet’s health and dire need for ecological restoration was common knowledge, but for rural India that’s far from the truth.

On Friday, the ministries of Railways, Environment and Science and Technology made a huge step towards making India a greener nation with the launch of the Science Express Climate Action Special train. The 16 coach train started at Delhi’s Safdarjung station and is set to stop at 68 stations across 20 Indian states. The aim of the venture is to explain the basic need for environmental protection and to explain that every individual can contribute at a grassroots level.


Along the course of its 205-day journey it’s expected to attract 30 lakh visitors who will each pass through its innovative science exhibition and leave armed with the tools to go about saving the planet. This will be the ninth tour of the Science Express since it was first commissioned in 2007 and it holds the LIMCA record for the largest, longest and most visited science exhibition.

As this custom-made train takes to the tracks once again we have to wonder whether just knowing about the problem will be enough and whether people will actually put the advice to use. Union Environment Minister Anil Madhav Dave believes that it will do exactly that, he says “The aim is to transform this vehicle into a peoples’ movement and to motivate people to take individual actions and initiatives to fight climate change,”

The collaborative efforts to actually halt climate change are vast but if this train does its job and creates a sense of responsibility and enthusiasm among the masses then we could be looking at a much cleaner future for the country. The Science Express will keep chugging along until September 8th, 2017 so check out when it comes to a city near you and get on board with the green revolution!

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Featured image source Sahara Samay


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