” If they can’t share the experience, they won’t participate in it “

Today’s youth are looking to share and consume content that is relevant to them, which is why we call ourselves Social Storytellers. We like to produce content that is not only engaging but also enticing enough for the reader to want to share it.

Youth is an important stage where bonds are not only made with friends and colleagues but also with brands. While knowledge is retained from late night lectures/work, the habits, purchasing behaviours and loyalties formed in our younger days live on indefinitely.

Suffice to say there is no better time for brands to build relationships with the next wave of power consumers. Building an effective youth strategy requires a fundamental understanding of the space, the lifestyle and the consumer, something we just happen to be fully equipped with. Why? Being an embedded part of it, we never lose track of its pulse.

Our approach:

- Create the kind of content that helps the youth express their personality disorders – histrionics, narcissistic personality traits to build their social brand and their community at large

- We focus on evangelism: Understanding the mechanics of how the idea spreads, and not just the idea itself

- We help brands build social credibility: We don’t claim to understand the brand, but we do understand what makes our audience tick. Focus is on collaborating with brands to create shareable content and help them find a place in the lives of a youth.

You can partner with us in two ways, namely:

1. Advertising on our website

Using a Native Advertising approach we work with your brand to create custom shareable content which is relevant to todays youth for our platform.

What are the different kind of opportunities for you to advertise on Homegrown?

- Sponsored Stories
- Content Endorsements
- Website take-overs
- Branded Editorials/Videos

2. Working with us as a Creative agency

As a creative agency, we dive deep into urban youth trends to connect brands with young consumers using relevant content and strategies to bridge the gap. We provide brands with trend-smart expertise that influence youth consumers through various channels and make their brand relevant in today’s youth culture.

Get in touch with us on [email protected] for a proper advertising/Brand deck, which shall give you a better idea about all the branding opportunities on Homegrown and the kind of campaigns we can create for you.