Homegrown is a two-pronged youth media company–one part online publication, one part creative agency. As a publication we aim to give audiences an insight into India’s incredibly dynamic youth culture and what makes it tick. Regularly updated with news and daily features, we cover a wide array of topics ranging from all the broader facets like fashion, art, music and more all the way down the rabbit hole to the grittier sub-cultures that are taking the country by storm.

At Homegrown, we’re as much about providing fresh, riveting content as we are about providing a platform to India’s burgeoning young, creative talent. As such, we curate art, writing and opinions from across the country and are huge fans of collaboration in any form so if you have an idea, a collaborative project or even something you’re just itching to get published, drop us a line at [email protected] If we like what we see, we’ll be happy to feature you on our website.

As a creative agency we create content and campaigns for audiences & brands across multiple platforms. We dive deep into urban youth culture trends, and craft content solutions which are relevant to today’s youth in the country. For more information on our creative agency and advertizing opportunities, click here

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